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Mocha Leave-in Hair Conditioner


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  1. Restores Moisture 
  2. Improves healthy hair 
  3. Preps for styling 
  4. Works best on dry frizzy unprocessed hair 
  5. Give you a full thick new growth 
  6.  Safe guard heat protection up to 450 
  7.  Leave in ,washed out , Blow out 
  8. Great for styling braids , ponytails, wigs and natural styles . 
  9.  Apply into dry , wet damp hair 
  10.  Great for growing edges 
  11.  Protect your hair from sun damage, as well as from the harmful effects of harsh environmental conditions. 
  12. Keep hair hydrated in dry weather so your hair is less likely to become brittle and break. 
  13. Block pollutants from affecting your strands and your scalp.