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Lip Scrubs


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How to Apply

Scoop out a small amount of product.

Apply all over clean lips and buff in a circular motion with your fingertip.

Use a soft towel and lukewarm water to gently wipe away excess product.

Follow up with a lip primer and lip color. 

Lip scrubs are exfoliating products that are designed to remove dead skin cells and improve the texture and appearance of the lips. There are several benefits to using lip scrubs, including:
  1.  Improved texture
  2.  Increased hydration
  3.  Reduced fine lines and wrinkles 
  4.  Improved appearance
  5.  Exfoliating lips 
  6.  Removing dead cells 
  7.  Removing extra unwanted dead skin 
  8.  Removing dry flaky skin with a lip
Overall, using a lip scrub like Selective Collection Lip scrub can help to improve the health and appearance of your lips, leaving them looking and feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. It is an important step in any skincare routine, and can help to keep your lips looking and feeling their best.